Gifted and Talented Program

Gifted and Talented Staff

Ms. Elizabeth Solowey
G&T Supervisor
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Gifted & Talented Program

A. Identification Procedure
A district-wide assessment of all students in grades K - 5 will begin at the end of each school year and completed in the beginning of the new school year to determine potential candidates for the Gifted & Talented Program. The criteria used in the district-wide assessment includes, but is not limited to the following:

Grades K-1
Students will be evaluated for possible identification as future candidates for the program using the following criteria:

  1. Performance level in one or more content areas as compared to a chronological level.

  2. Reading/Math Levels

  3. Classroom teacher or parent recommendation.

Grades 2-5
Students will be evaluated for identification as candidates for the program using multiple measures:

  1. Attain a School Ability Index (SAI) score on a School Abilities Test or test of similar nature.

  2. Attain a score of Advanced Proficient in Math and/or Language Arts on the state standardized tests or district benchmark assessments.

  3. Receive teacher recommendation from the classroom teachers who have instructed the candidate during the current or prior school year.

  4. Report card grades.

  5. Parent recommendation/survey.

B. Transfer Students
Students who transfer into the Oaklyn Public Schools will be screened for eligibility of participation in the Gifted & Talented Program. In order to be eligible for the program, transfer students must meet the established criteria. The data used to determine eligibility will be taken from the cumulative records of the student as well as the current testing results using the district or state standardized tests. If teacher recommendations are needed, the student will not be eligible for the program until one full marking period has been completed, at which time recommendations must be provided by the classroom teacher. Also, the transfer student must meet the requirements cited in Section C (Acceptance into the Program).

C. Acceptance into the Program
Grades K-2 will be instructed through differentiation in the classroom in core content areas as appropriate.

Nominated students in grades 3-5 who satisfy the requisite qualifications for entry into the program must successfully complete the following additional requirements to secure acceptance into the program:

  1. Student interview
    The Gifted & Talented teacher will interview the student individually in order to determine the level of interest and motivation in regard to the participation in the program.

  2. Classroom observation
    The Gifted & Talented teacher will conduct classroom observations.

  3. Parental Permission
    Written parental permission for the student to participate in the program must be provided.

D. Admission to the Program through Re-evaluation
Students who have demonstrated unusually high performance but have not successfully met the requirements may qualify for retest or further screenings if requested by the administration or the parent.

In June of each school year, all students in grades 2 through 5 who have not previously been eligible for the Gifted & Talented Program will be re-evaluated to determine if more recent district or state standardized test scores and teacher recommendations qualify them for eligibility.

E. Requirements for Continued Eligibility
Students admitted to the Gifted & Talented Program at any grade level, shall remain active participants through grade 5 unless they fail to perform appropriately. All reasonable efforts will be made to avoid such an event. Reasons for suspending or dismissing a student are:

  1. Low achievement in the regular classroom (i.e. D or F in any subject on the report card, or a major subject grade dropping two letter grades in one marking period). Homeroom teachers have the right to hold a student from attending the program due to too many missing assignments, if agreed upon by the Gifted & Talented teacher.

  2. Disruptive behavior.

  3. Continued inability to emotionally handle the challenges of the program. 

F. Appeal Procedure

A legal guardian may appeal a decision by requesting in writing that the student be re-evaluated for the program using the Appeal Request Form (currently in development).

Upon receipt of the appeal, a meeting will be scheduled with the parent, the program teacher, the homeroom teacher, other teachers, as applicable, and the principal.

The parent shall receive written notification of the outcome of the appeal. The Appeal Committee shall make such notification.

G. Complaint Procedure

An individual who believes that the Oaklyn Public School has not complied with the provisions of BOE Policy 2464: Gifted and Talented Students may file a complaint with the Board of Education.

In that complaint, please include the following:

  • The full name of the parent/guardian;

  • The full name, school, and grade level of the student;

  • The nature of the complaint, including the specific area or areas of Policy 2464 that have not been followed; and

  • An explanation of the steps taken to remedy those concerns prior to filing the complaint.

The board shall issue a decision, in writing, to affirm, reject, or modify the district's action in the matter. The individual may then file a petition of the appeal of the Board's written decision to the Commissioner of Education through the Office of Controversies and Disputes in accordance with N.J.S.18A:6-9 and the procedures set forth in State Board of Education regulations.