Oaklyn Public School Kindergarten Program

Full Day Kindergarten Program for 5-year olds


The Oaklyn Public School offers full day Kindergarten for students who are five years of age by October 1 of the year they wish to enroll. For registration questions, please contact Mrs. Diane Silliphant at dsilliphant@oaklynschool.org or 856-858-0335 ext. 226.

Who is Eligible?
Students who turn five (5) years old by October 1 of the year they wish to enroll are eligible to enroll in the program.

What are the hours?
The full day program runs from 8:25 am - 2:45 pm, 5 days per week when school is in session. The school doors open at 8:15 am and we ask that students be unpacked and ready to begin the day's activities by the start of the school day at 8:25 am. School Lunch will be served and recess time provided. The Kindergarten program follows the Oaklyn Public School calendar. Note: When school has a single session day the program will run from 8:25am - 12:30pm. School doors open at 8:15 am.

What Curriculum is followed?
The Oaklyn Public School Kindergarten program includes literacy (reading, writing, word study), mathematics, science, and social studies. Students will also participate in music, art, technology, ASL, and health and physical education specials.

Is before or after-school (wrap-around) care available?
Before and after-school programs are offered by Healthy Kids Programs. There is an additional fee for the Healthy Kids Programs. Information on Healthy Kids can be found here.

How do I enroll my child?
Complete the online Kindergarten Roundup form (see below) by the last Friday in February of the year you wish to enroll your child. 

Who do I call if I have questions?
Please contact Mrs. Diane Silliphant, School Secretary at (856) 858-0335 ext 226 or email

Kindergarten Registration Process

Kindergarten Registration is a two-stage process.

Stage 1 is Kindergarten Roundup, when parents and guardians let us know their children will be turning five years old by October 1 of the year you wish to enroll them in kindergarten.

Online Kindergarten Roundup is currently closed.
To set an appointment to register for the 2023-24 kindergarten class, please contact Mrs. Diane Silliphant at (856) 858-0335 ext 226 or email dsilliphant@oaklynschool.org.

If your child is of the eligible age and you are planning to send him/her to the Oaklyn Public School for kindergarten, please complete the online form (currently disabled) OR return the hard copy "Kindergarten Roundup" form. You need not do both. The "Roundup Letter" below will be distributed through our current school children during February each year.

Your help is needed in locating children who do not have brothers and sisters in school this year. If you have any neighbors with children of kindergarten age, please pass this information or form on to them.

Parents may contact Mrs. Diane Silliphant at the Oaklyn School at (856) 858-0335 ext 226 to receive additional information regarding our kindergarten program or the registration process.

If you choose to return the form as a paper copy, please complete it and return to Oaklyn School, 134 Kendall Blvd, Oaklyn NJ 08107 as soon as possible.

Once we know your child is eligible to begin Kindergarten in September, we will begin the registration process (Stage 2) below.

Stage 2 is Kindergarten Registration, when parents verify residency and provide important demographic, safety, and health information about every child enrolling in the district.

Once Kindergarten Roundup is complete, we will begin scheduling individual registration appointments.

It is important that you complete as much of the registration packet as possible prior to your scheduled kindergarten registration appointment. Incomplete registration packets will delay the registration process. 

Please click here to complete the registration process

Specific questions can be answered on the day of registration or by calling Mrs. Diane Silliphant at (856) 858-0335 ext 7226 or email dsilliphant@oaklynschool.org prior to your scheduled appointment.

We understand that the registration packet is lengthy. Please take your time to complete as much as possible to ensure a smooth registration process.

Thank you for your cooperation and WELCOME to the Oaklyn Public School!