The Oaklyn Public School has specific registration requirements for students who attend our schools. In addition to meeting residency requirements, the State of New Jersey also requires a physical examination by a doctor and certain immunizations. Each of these requirements is outlined on the page for the appropriate grade span.

To complete the registration process, please begin by registering online using the link below. Please complete the online registration prior to scheduling an appointment for registration. Appointments may be scheduled through our School Secretary, Mrs. Diane Silliphant, by calling 856-858-0335 ext 7226 or email dsilliphant@oaklynschool.org.

Please pay careful attention to the checklist of required documentation prior to setting an appointment to register your child for school.

Begin Online, Finish on Paper

If you are not comfortable starting your school registration online, you may complete the entire paper-based registration packet. You need not complete this packet if you completed the online registration process above.